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  法国的高等教育历史悠久、体制完善,学位种类齐全,的的确确是一个热门的留学国家。一直以来,法国都以友善包容的态度欢迎每一个法国留学生,这一点也体现在法国留学签证政策方面。那么法国留学如何办理签证呢?下面和出国留学网一起来看看吧。   Whether or not you require a student visa for France will depend on whether or not you are an EU national.   If you are an EU national, or national from the EEA, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you do not require a French student visa. Instead, all you will need in order to legally study in France is a valid passport or other valid travel ID.   If you are a national from anywhere else in the world, you will need to obtain a student visa for France in order to be able to undertake study.   你是否需要学生签证?   你是否需要法国学生签证将取决于你是否是欧盟国家的学生。   如果你是一名欧盟国家学生,或者是来自欧洲经济区、瑞士冰岛、或者列支敦士登的学生,那么你去法国留学是不需要学生签证的。为了合法留学法国,你需要的仅仅只是一个有效的护照、或者是其他有效的旅行证件。   如果你是一名来自世界上其他国家(除了上述国家之外)的学生,那么为了实现去法国留学,你需要获得一个法国学生签证。   What type of French student visa will you need?   There are several types of French student visa, and the one you require will differ depending on how long you are planning to study in France for.   Schengen student visa (short-stay)   If your studies will last less than three months, and you are sure you will not be spending any longer in the country, then you should apply for the court séjour pour étude, otherwise known as the short-stay or Schengen student visa. The Schengen student visa is issued free of charge and cannot be renewed.   Visa to sit entrance exams   If you need to travel to France in order to sit one or more university entrance exams, you can apply for the visa de court séjour étudiant concours, which simply means a visa for sitting entrance exams. If you sit your exam and pass, you are then eligible to apply for a renewable, one-year residence permit. For more information, contact the admissions department of the French institution you wish to study at.   Temporary long-stay visa   The visa de long séjour temporaire pour études is a temporary student visa that allows you to study in France for a period of up to six months. With this student visa for France you do not need to apply separately for a residence permit.   Long-stay visa   Known as the visa de long séjour pour études or the extended-stay VLT-TS, the long-stay visa is what you need if you wish to study in France for longer than six months. This visa acts as a residence permit and lasts for the duration of your study period (normally three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s program and four years for a PhD). Algerian nationals do not require the VLS-TS, but are subject to different provisions. Contact your institution or the French consulate/embassy in your own country for more information.   你需要哪种类型的法国学生签证?   法国留学有多种类型的学生签证,你所需要的学生签证类型将根据你计划在法国的学习时间的长短来决定。   申根学生签证(短期):   如果你的学习时间少于三个月,并且你确定自己不会在法国有任何的停留的话,那么你应该申请court séjour pour étude,即短期停留或申根学生签证。申根签证是免费的,并且不能更新续签。   参加入学考试签证:   如果你是因为需要参加一所或者多所大学的入学考试需要前往法国,那么你可以申请de court séjour étudiant concours签证,简单来说就是为了参加入学考试而申请的签证。如果你参加了入学考试并且通过考试的话,那么你有资格申请一个可续签的为期一年的居留许可。了解更多的信息,请联系你希望就读的法国大学招生部。   临时长期停留签证:   de long séjour temporaire pour études签证是一个临时的学生签证,它允许学生在法国停留至多6个月。获得了这种类型的学生签证的学生,将不需要申请单独的居住许可证。   长期停留签证:   也叫做de long séjour pour études签证或者是延长停留时间的VLT-TS签证。如果你在法国的学习时间超过6个月的话,那么你需要办理的是长期停留签证。这个类型的签证可以充当居住许可,并且有效时间将会持续到你整个的学习时间(学士学位专业通常是3年,硕士学位专业是2年,而博士学位专业通常是4年)。来自阿尔及利亚的学生不需要VLS-TS,但以不同的规定为准。联系你的大学或在自己国家的法国领事馆/大使馆获取更多的信息。   How to apply for a student visa for France   Nationals from a number of countries will apply for their French student visa through Campus France, the country’s official national agency for higher education and international students. Those students would also have been required to use Campus France to apply to their chosen French institutions, via the CEF procedure. See this list of countries to find out if you need to apply for both your visa and your admission in this way.   If your country of origin is not listed in the link above, then you will be responsible for both your university application and your student visa application. Only once you have received acceptance onto a program at a French institution will you be eligible to apply for your student visa for France.   In order to apply for your visa, you will need to contact the French consulate in your home country and provide them with the following, when requested:   An official acceptance letter onto an accredited program at a French institution. This should be on officially headed paper, featuring your full details, the details of your program of study and the start and end dates of study.   Proof of sufficient funds for living in the country. The current amount required is €615 (US$820) per month, which can be shown with a bank statement, a guarantor’s letter or a notice of funding from a loan, scholarship or grant.   Proof of return ticket home. Often this is in the form of the actual ticket or reservation showing the date of departure, but can be a handwritten statement of intent, including intended departure dates.   Proof of medical insurance (minimum cover €30,000, US$40,150)   Proof of accommodation. Can be shown in the form of student housing confirmation or a certificate of board and lodging or ‘attestation d’accueil’ (if you’re living with friends or relatives).   Proof of proficiency in French, if you are studying a French-language course.   如何申请法国学生签证?   大部分国家的学生都将通过法国教育服务中心(即高等教育和国际学生的法国官方国家机构)申请法国学生签证。这些学生之前也是需要使用法国教育服务中心通过CEF程序来申请自己感兴趣的法国大学。浏览这些国家的清单列表,查看自己是否需要通过这种方式来申请签证或者是学校入学。   如果你的原籍国没有列在上述清单中,那么你需要自己申请学校以及学生签证。一旦你获得了法国某一大学某专业的录取通知书,就具备了申请法国学生签证的资格。   为了申请你的签证,你需要联系你原籍国的法国大使馆,并且按照需要提供以下一些材料文件:   - 法国大学某一公认专业的正式录取通知书,官方文件,具有完整的详细信息,你的专业和学习的开始和结束日期的详细信息;   - 足够的法国留学资金证明,目前的资金证明标准是每一个月€615 (US$820),可以通过银行声明、赞助者信件、或者是获得贷款、奖学金或者助学金的资助通知来证明;   - 回国机票证明,通常为实际的机票,或显示离开日期的预订机票,但也可以为手写的意向书,包括预定的离境日期;   - 医疗保险证明(最低覆盖范围是€30,000, US$40,150);   - 住宿证明,学生宿舍确认或其他证明 (如果你住在朋友或亲戚家);   - 法语语言能力证明,如果你学习法语授课专业的话。   On arrival in France   When you arrive in France with an extended stay VLS-TS, you will need to send the official form which was presented to you along with your visa to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII). This can be by registered mail, or in person if you reside in Paris. In the same letter, you should also provide a copy of your valid passport, including pages showing your identity and the stamp issued upon entry into France.   Once your form and copied passport pages have been received, you will be sent a receipt of confirmation with further instructions on your next steps if required. This may be an instruction to obtain a medical examination if you have not previously received one in your country of origin.   Often your institution of study will help you with this part of the process. In some cases, an agreement exists between the OFII and the school in question, meaning documents can be submitted to the school instead of the French authorities.   In all instances, you will be expected to pay a tax of €58 (US$78) to handle administration costs.   抵达法国:   当你凭借延长停留时间的VLS-TS抵达法国的时候,你将需要递交正式的表格,与你的签证一同递交给法国移民和融合办公室(OFII)。这可以通过挂号邮件的方式递交,也可以是本人亲自递交(如果你居住在巴黎的话)。在同一封信件中,你还应该提供一份你的有效护照的复印件、包括显示你的个人信息以及许可进入法国的印章所在的页面。   一旦你的表格和复印护照页面被接收,你会收到一个接收确认函,并且上面会告知你接下来应该怎么做,如果有必要的话。如果你之前还没有在你的原籍国获得一个医学检查证明的话,那么这有可能是一个有关进行医学检查的指导。   通常,你的学习指南会帮助你完成这个过程。一些情况下,在OFII以及学校之间是存在协议的,这意味着文件可以递交给学校,而不是法国权利机构。   在所有情况下,你都需要支付€58 (US$78)的税费用于管理成本。   Working in France with a French student visa   With a valid residence permit (the VLS-TS functions as such), as an international student you are eligible to take on paid work for 964 hours annually (this equates to about 60% full-time employment). This number of hours is configured for work between the periods of 1 September to 31 August. Eligible work hours between September and June are (up to) 670, while July to August is (up to) 300 hours.   凭借法国学生签证在法国工作:   有了有效的居住许可(例如VLS-TS),作为一名国际学生,你每一年可以在法国进行964个小时的有偿工作(这相当于大约60%的全职工作)。这个工作时间的数量是从9月1日到次年的8月31之间计算得出的。9月份到次年6月份的许可工作时间(最多)是670个小时,而7月份到8月份的工作时间(最多)是300小时。   推荐阅读:   法国巴黎留学生活费用   法国本科留学申请注意事项   法国留学费用一年多少钱   以上内容由出国留学网www.liuxue86.com独家翻译,版权归出国留学网所有,未经出国留学网授权许可,任何公司任何人不得复制和转载,违者必追究法律责任!!! 本文来源:http://visa.liuxue86.com/v/3098517.html 亲,点击此处在线申请留学咨询服务和报名评估!我们将竭诚提供最佳评估服务!