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  A recent HSBC report announced that the cost of study in Australia is higher than in any other country. However, Australia also boasts the world’s highest concentration of international students; around 20% of the country’s higher education enrolments are international, compared to the global average of around 7%. Clearly, despite the high costs, Australia continues to remain a highly attractive choice – due to its high quality of life, leading universities, great student cities, impeccable healthcare and more.  There is also good news for prospective students; thanks to drop in the Australian dollar this year, you’re now likely to get more Aussie dollars in exchange for your home currency.  The HSBC report says the average cost per year of study in Australia for international students is AU$42,093 (~US$32,950). This breaks down to AU$24,081 (US$18,850) for fees and AU$18,012 (US$14,100) for living costs. However, tuition fees at Australian universities will vary considerably depending on where and what you study, and the level you will be studying at.  Read on for a breakdown of these costs and for advice on how to find Australian scholarships to support your studies.how_much_does_it_cost_to_study_in_australia.png  汇丰银行(HSBC)最近的一份报告宣布,在澳大利亚留学的成本要高于其他任何国家。但是,澳大利亚也拥有世界上最集中的国际留学生;澳大利亚大约20%的高等教育入学率都是来自国际学生的,而全球国际学生入学率的平均水平仅仅约为7%。显然,尽管留学费用高昂,澳大利亚仍然是一个极具吸引力的选择——因为这里高质量的生活、一流的大学、精彩的留学城市、无懈可击的医疗保健等等方面。  对于未来想要来澳大利亚留学的学生来说也有好消息;由于今年澳元贬值,你可能能够以你本国的货币换取更多的澳元。  汇丰银行的报告说,每年在澳大利亚留学的留学生的平均费用是42,093澳元(约合32,950美元)。这笔费用分解一下就是,24,081澳元(约合18,850美元)的学费,18,012澳元(约合14,100美元)的生活费用。但是,澳大利亚不同大学的学费会有很大的差别,这取决于你留学的地点和内容,以及你将要留学的课程的等级。  你可以阅读以下出国留学网为大家独家整理并且翻译的澳大利亚留学这些费用的细目,以及就如何找到澳大利亚奖学金来支持你的学习所提供的建议,希望对那些想要去澳大利亚留学的小伙伴们有帮助。  Tuition fees and course costs for international studentsaustralian_dollars.jpg  According to Study in Australia, the official government site for international students, typical annual tuition fees for international students are:  -Bachelor’s degree – AU$15,000 (US$11,750) to AU$33,000 (US$25,800);  -Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$15,650) to $37,000 (US$28,900);  -Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,950) to $37,000 (US$28,900).  These figures do not include high-value courses such as veterinary or medical degrees, which can cost significantly more.  Tuition fees at Australian universities are generally calculated per unit, not per year. Each unit falls into a fee band, and as most students will be studying a combination of units from different bands, fees will be different for everybody.  Some universities in Australia publish official fees estimates, including Australian National University(ANU), which is the nation’s highest-ranked institution (20th in the QS World University Rankings® 2018). The yearly cost of an international undergraduate degree from ANU ranges from AU$28,608 (US$22,350) for many Bachelor of Arts programs, up to AU$33,168 (US$25,900) for Bachelor of Science or Medical Science programs.  For graduate degree programs, annual fees start from AU$28,608 (US$22,200) for a few master’s programs and reach up to AU$36,528 (US$28,350). However, the majority of master’s programs are priced somewhere in the middle at around AU$33,200 (US$25,800).  PhD programs are priced similarly, with the majority at the higher end of the scale at AU$36,528 (US$28,350). In a league of its own, however, ANU’s Doctorate of Medicine and Surgery degree (MChD) costs AU$65,712 (US$51,000).  Another cost to consider is the Student Services and Amenities fee, which is a charge for services and amenities of a non-academic nature, up to a maximum of AU$286 (US$222) in 2015. Not all universities in Australia charge this, but make sure you know what to expect.  国际留学生在澳大利亚的学费和课程费用  根据“澳大利亚留学”这个澳大利亚留学政府官网网站的信息,对于国际留学生来说一般情况下每年的学费为:  -学士学位——15,000澳元(约合11,750美元)到33,000澳元(约合25,800美元);  -硕士学位——20,000澳元(约合15,650美元)到37,000澳元(约合28,900美元);  -博士学位——14,000澳元(约合10,950美元)到37,000澳元(约合28,900美元)。  以上这个费用数额并不包括那些学费很高的课程,例如兽医或者医学学位,这些课程可能会大大增加学费成本。  澳大利亚大学的学费通常是按单元计算的,而不是每年。每个单元都属于一个收费区间,因为大多数学生将学习不同类别单元的组合,因此每个人的学费收费将是不同的。  澳大利亚的一些大学公布了官方费用预估,包括澳大利亚国立大学,这是澳大利亚全国排名最高的大学(在2018年QS世界大学排名中位于第20位)。在澳大利亚国立大学就读许多文学学士课程的国际本科生学费为28,608澳元(约合22,350美元) 不等,而理科学士或者医学课程的学费则高达33,168澳元 (约合25,900 美元)。  对于研究生学位课程来说,每年的学费为少数硕士课程的28,608澳元(约合22,200美元) 到高达36,528澳元(约合28,350美元)不等。但是,大多数硕士课程的学费定价处于中间水平,也就是大约33,200澳元(约合25,800美元)。  博士课程学费的定价类似,大多数博士课程的学费是费用较高的水平,大约为36,528澳元(约合28,350美元)。但是,在其自己的联盟,澳大利亚国立大学的医学和外科学位(MChD) 的学费为65,712澳元(约合51,000美元)。  留学生们需要考虑的另一个费用是学生服务和设施费,这是一个非学术性的服务和设施的费用,在2015年这个费用最高可达286澳元(约合222美元)。不是所有的澳大利亚大学都会收取这个费用,但是你应该确保自己知道有这个费用的存在。  Tuition fees and course costs for domestic studentsaustralia_2.jpg
  As with many other places around the world, it’s cheaper to study in Australia for domestic students, especially those who successfully apply for a Commonwealth supported place, which means study costs are largely subsidized by the government. Commonwealth supported places are available at all public universities in Australia and some – but not all – private ones.  Student contribution amounts vary depending on where and what you study, but are capped by the government. The government sets the minimum and maximum range for each fee band, which, for 2015, is AU$0-6,152 (US$4,770) for Band 1; AU$0-8,768 (US$6,800) for Band 2; and AU$0-10,266 (US$7,960) for Band 3.  You will need to work out your total tuition fees by identifying which subjects/units are covered by each band, and how many credits (expressed as a fraction, e.g. 12/96 = 0.125 EFTSL) you get for each unit. Multiply this EFTSL figure (0.125) by the band fee charge to get the total cost per unit. For example, a Bachelor of Science student in 2015 might enroll in eight units, six of which are science-related (Band 2) and two of which are humanities-related (Band 1). If each unit is worth 12.5 credits, this would work out to AU$8,114 (US$6,290) for the year. Or, alternatively, you can just use the online calculator that most institutions provide!  Tuition fees for domestic graduate students are worked out in a similar way. Some institutions publish estimates of the yearly fee for graduate students. For example the University of Melbourne (ranked 2nd in Australia and 41st in the world) lists prices for 2015 ranging from AU$12,192 (US$9,450) per year for a performance arts master’s degree, up to AU$48,192(US$37,360) for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Some graduate programs also offer Commonwealth-assisted places, so check with the institution.  Unlike international students, domestic students are eligible for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). There are five types of government loans available to Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders. HECS-HELP is a scheme which helps Commonwealth supported students to pay their student contribution amount; FEE-HELP covers tuition fees for fee-paying students; SA-HELP pays the student services and amenities fee; OS-HELP pays some overseas study expenses; and VET-HELP pays for vocational education and training fees.  澳大利亚本国学生的学费和课程费用  与世界上许多其他地方一样,在澳大利亚留学对澳大利亚本国学生来说更便宜,特别是那些成功申请英联邦资助的学生,这就意味着你的求学费用主要由政府补贴。澳大利亚所有的公立大学都有英联邦资助,有一些——但不是所有的私立大学也有英联邦资助。  学生的求学费用因你学习的地点和内容而异,但是都受政府的限制。政府规定了每个收费区间的最低和最高限额,举个例子来说,在2015年,第一类收费区间为0-6,152澳元(约合4,770美元);第二类收费区间为0-8,768澳元(约合6,800 美元);第三类收费区间为0-10,266澳元(约合7,960美元)。  你需要制定出你的总学费,通过确定每一类收费区间覆盖了哪些科目/单元,以及你得到的每一个单元是多少学分 (表示为分数,例如12/96 = 0.125等量全日制学生学习负荷)。将这个等量全日制学生学习负荷数额(0.125) 乘以每一类费用收费以获取单元的总费用。举个例子来说,2015年的理科学士学位课程可能会注册8个单元,其中有6个单元是与科学相关的(第二类收费),然后其他2个单元是与人文相关的(第一类收费)。如果每个单元的学分是12.5个学分,一年的学费就是8,114澳元(约合6,290美元) 。或者,你还可以使用大多数大学在官网上提供的在线计算器来计算出你的预估费用。  澳大利亚本国研究生的学费也以类似的方式制定出来。一些大学会公布研究生的一年学费估计数。例如墨尔本大学(澳大利亚大学排名第2位,世界大学排名并列第41位) 列出的2015年表演艺术硕士学位的学费为每年12,192澳元 (约合9,450美元) ,兽医医学博士的学费为48,192澳元 (约合37,360美元) 。一些研究生项目也提供英联邦资助,所以你在申请之前可以先咨询你所申请的大学。  与国际学生不同,澳大利亚本国学生有资格获得高等教育贷款项目(HELP)。澳大利亚公民和永久的人道主义签证持有者可以获得五种政府贷款。HECS-HELP是一个帮助英联邦支持学生支付他们的学生捐款金额的项目;FEE-HELP涵盖自费学生的学费;SA-HELP支付学生服务和设施费;OS-HELP支付一些海外留学费用;VET-HELP支付职业教育和培训费用。  Australian scholarships and fellowshipsvictoriamelbourne_0.jpg
  The Australia Awards are international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian government, available to nationals and citizens from eligible countries. The list of eligible countries is extensive, covering the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific area and Asia.  The Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are mainly for postgraduate-level study and research. Out of the four funds available for international applicants, one is a short-term research fellowship for graduates and postgraduates (maximum award of AU$24,500 for studies of up to six months), one is for professional development (maximum award of AU$18,500 for up to four months) and one is for vocational education and training for a diploma or associate’s degree (VET) offering up to AU$6,500 per semester for up to two and a half years (maximum award AU$131,000).  International graduate students looking to gain funding for a full master’s or PhD program should apply for the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship, which offers up to AU$15,000 per semester for a duration of up to two years for master’s students and four years for PhD students (maximum award AU$140,500 for master’s, AU$272,500 for PhD).  It is recommended that you apply early for all Australian scholarships and fellowships. Applications for funding in 2016 are open until 30 June 2015, and applications will reopen for 2017 funding early in 2016.  If you’re a graduate student from the UK, you can apply for the Northcote Graduate Scholarship from the Britain-Australia Society. This funds for your travel there and back, tuition fees and charges, and also provides a basic allowance for three years while you study.  For all undergraduate and postgraduate students, check with the Australian universities you are interested in, as many offer scholarships open to both domestic and international students at both levels. For more funding opportunities, visit our list of scholarships to study in Australia.  澳大利亚奖学金和研究生  澳大利亚政府奖学金是由澳大利亚政府资助的国际奖学金和研究金,提供给符合合格国家的国民和公民。符合条件的国家名单十分广泛,涵盖美洲、加勒比、欧洲、中东、太平洋地区和亚洲。  澳大利亚奋进奖学金和研究奖学金主要用于研究生等级的学习和研究。有四类资助提供给国际申请者,一种是毕业生和研究生的短期研究金(最高奖励金额为24,500澳元,课程时间最长为六个月),一种是专业发展 (最高奖励金额为18,500美元,课程时间最长为四个月),一种是职业教育和培训文凭或者副学士学位(VET)提供最高6,500澳元每学期,最长时间为两年半(最高奖励金额为13.1万澳元)。  想要获得全日制硕士或者博士课程资助的国际研究生应该申请研究生奋进奖学金。2016年资助申请将在2015年6月30日关闭,这个奖学金提供1.5万澳元每学期,硕士课程持续时间最长为两年,博士课程持续时间最长为四年(硕士学生奖学金最高额为140,500澳元,博士学生奖学金最高额为272,500澳元)。  建议你及早申请所有澳大利亚奖学金和研究金。2016年的资助申请将开放至2015年6月30日,而在2016年会重新开放2017年的奖学金申请。  如果你是来自利发国际手机版欧洲厅的研究生,你可以申请利发国际手机版欧洲厅-澳大利亚的罗富国研究生奖学金。这笔资助金将资助你的往返旅行费,学费和其他收费,同时提供在你留学期间三年的基本津贴。  对于所有的本科生和研究生,请与你感兴趣的澳大利亚大学进行核对,因为许多澳大利亚大学都会向澳大利亚国内和国际的学生提供奖学金。  Students’ cost of living in Australiaaustralia_3.png
  Although HSBC calculates the average cost of living in Australia to be AU$18,012 (US$14,100) per year, the Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) puts a much more specific figure on the costs for international students. In order to be eligible to study in Australia, you will need to show you have AU$18,610 (US$14,430) per year. If you’re bringing a partner add AU$6,515 (US$5,050) to this figure. And if you have children, you’ll need to show you have an additional AU$3,720 (US$2,880) for one child and AU$2,790 (US$2,160) for every additional child.  As well as proof of these funds, you will also need to show you have return air fare for yourself and every family member you take with you, and AU$8,000 (US$7,471) per year for any children aged 5-18 to cover school fees.  Although the above outlines the amount required by Australia’s immigration standards, you may not need to spend that much once you arrive. The official Study in Australia guidelines recommend budgeting between AU$70 (US$55) and AU$400 (US$310) per week for accommodation, depending on whether you stay in shared accommodation (the cheapest), on campus, or in private rented accommodation (the most expensive).  Other weekly expenses include: groceries and eating out from AU$80 to AU$200 (US$60 to US$155); gas and electricity from AU$60 to AU100 (US$45 to US$77); phone and internet from AU$20 to AU$50 (US$15 to US$40); public transport from AU$10 to AU$50 (US$7 to US$40); and entertainment from AU$50 to AU$100 (US$40 to US$80).  To simplify, this works out to a minimum of around AU$300 (US$230) per week.  Most Australian universities provide detailed breakdowns of the cost of living in Australia on their websites, including student accommodation and sometimes even local area prices and advice. For example, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (joint 247th in the world rankings), offers a handy ‘Shopping Smarter’ page with links and tips for discounted shopping.  Remember the costs listed by the university will usually be for an academic year (about 40 weeks), rather than a calendar year, so you will need to budget extra if you want to stay longer.  在澳大利亚留学的生活费  虽然汇丰银行计算出在澳大利亚的平均生活成本为18,012澳元(约合14,100美元)每年,但是澳大利亚政府的移民和边境保护署(DIPB) 为国际学生的费用提供了一个更具体的数字。如果你想获得在澳大利亚留学的资格,你将需要显示你有18,610澳元(约合14,430 美元)每年的资金。如果你要带你的伴侣一起去澳大利亚的话,在这个数字的基础上你还需要加上6,515澳元(约合5,050美元)。如果你有孩子的话,一个孩子你还需要有额外的3,720澳元(2,880美元) ,而每一个额外的孩子你需要2,790澳元(2,160美元)。  除了以上这些资金证明之外,你还需要显示你有你自己和你带过去的每一个家庭成员的回程机票,以及任何年龄在5-18 岁的儿童每年8,000澳元(约合7,471美元)的用于支付学校费用的钱。  虽然上面列出了澳大利亚移民标准所要求的数额,但是你到达后可能不需要花那么多钱。“澳大利亚留学”的官方研究报告建议,每星期的住宿费用为70澳元(约合55美元) 到400澳元(约合310美元) 之间,这取决于你是否住在合租公寓(这是最便宜的住宿方式)、校内宿舍或者单独租住的公寓(这是最贵的住宿方式)。  其他每周的开支包括:杂货和到外面吃饭从80澳元到200澳元不等(约合60美元到155美元);天然气和电费从60澳元到100澳元不等(约合45美元到77美元);电话和互联网费用从20澳元到50澳元不等(约合15美元到40美元);公共交通费用为10澳元到50澳元不等(约合7美元到40美元);以及娱乐费用为50澳元到100澳元不等(约合40美元到80美元)。  所以简单来说,就是每周至少要花300澳元左右(约合230美元)。  大多数澳大利亚的大学都在他们的网站上提供了关于澳大利亚生活费用的详细细分,包括学生住宿,有时甚至还包括当地的物价和建议。例如,皇家墨尔本理工学院(世界大学排名并列第247位),提供了一个方便的“购物智能”页面,上面有购物折扣的链接和提示。  请记住。大学所列出的费用通常是一学年(约40周)的费用,而不是一个公历年,所以如果你想在澳大利亚待更长的时间,你需要准备好额外的预算。  Student visa costs for Australiaperth_australia_sunset.jpg
  There are many different kinds of student visas for Australia, ranging in price from nil to AU$535 (US$415) for most options. The DIBP provides all the information you need on prices and types.  As a visa requirement, you will need to organize Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and any accompanying family members, which needs to be valid for the duration of your stay. You don’t have to use the provider that your university recommends, but whichever you choose, ensure that it is government-approved – there are currently only five that fulfill international student visa requirements.  OSHC Australia provides a search function which can be used to compare quotes for medical insurance from authorized providers. We found the cheapest option for a standard undergraduate student (duration three years, starting in March and finishing in December) with no accompanying family to be AU$1,711 (US$1,330). The most expensive was AU$2,462 (US$1,910). Reducing the timescale to a year (master’s degrees are usually between one and two years) brought up a cheapest quote of AU$418 (US$325), while two years would cost AU$901 (US$700).  As well as from showing evidence of OSHC insurance when you apply for a visa, DIBP also requires you to show evidence that you have access to sufficient funds before you leave, to cover the cost of living in Australia for the first one or two years.  在澳大利亚留学的签证  在澳大利亚有许多不同种类的学生签证,大多数选择的价格从零到535澳元(约合415美元) 。移民和边境保护署(DIPB) 提供了你所需要的所有有关价格和类型的信息。  作为签证要求,你将需要为你自己和任何随行的家庭成员获得海外学生健康保险(OSHC),这个保险需要在你逗留期间有效。你不是一定要使用你的大学推荐的保险公司,但是无论你选择哪一个保险公司的保险,都要确保它是政府批准的——目前只有五家保险公司符合国际留学生办理澳大利亚留学签证的要求。  澳大利亚海外学生健康保险(OSHC)提供了一个搜索功能,可用于比较来自授权保险提供者的医疗保险报价。我们找到了一个标准的本科生最便宜的选择 (为期三年,从3月开始12月结束),没有陪同家人的是1,711澳元(约合1,330 美元)。最贵的一种是2,462澳元(约合1,910美元)。将时间缩短到一年(硕士学位通常是一到两年),那么最便宜的健康保险是418澳元(约合325美元),而两年的健康保险费用为901澳元(约合700美元)。  你在申请签证的时候除了出示海外学生健康保险的证明,移民和边境保护署还要求你出示证据证明你在离开前可以获得足够的资金,以支付在澳大利亚居住的最初一两年的费用。  Explore Australia's top student cities...  Sydney  Welcome to Sydney, the world’s 13th best city for international students in 2017, according to the QS Best Student Cities index.  Although Melbourne takes the crown as Australia’s leading student city, Sydney remains a very strong rival. In fact, in the Desirability category of the index, Sydney comes second in the world (behindToronto), reflecting the all-round high quality of life in the city, as well as its popularity among prospective students. It also comes second in the world for Student Mix, thanks to its large, diverse and inclusive student community, and is within the top 10 for Employer Activity.  In common with other Australian study hubs, Sydney’s weakest score comes in the Affordability category, due to the combination of relatively high international tuition fees and substantial living costs. But it’s easy to see why so many international students find ways to cover the costs; the combination of education and lifestyle Sydney offers makes for a highly attractive proposition.  As well as being Australia’s financial and economic hub, Sydney is known for the stunning panorama of its harbor, iconic opera house, large selection of green spaces within the city, and proximity to beaches which are among the most paradisiacal not just in Australia but anywhere in the world. It’s also been ranked one of the 10 most livable cities on the planet by both Mercer and The Economist.  Sydney currently has five universities included in the QS World University Rankings®, with both the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales featuring in the global top 50.  悉尼  欢迎来到悉尼,根据2017年QS最佳留学城市排名显示,这是对于国际留学生来说最棒的第13个城市。  虽然墨尔本打败了悉尼,成为了澳大利亚城市中最顶尖的那一个,但是悉尼仍然有非常强劲的实力。事实上,在“合意性”这一评分标准上,悉尼位于全球第2位 (仅次于位列全球第1的多伦多),这也反映出了这座城市全方位的高品质生活,以及其在未来学生中的受欢迎程度。与此同时,悉尼在“学生组成”这一项上的得分也位于全球第2位,这是由于其庞大、多样和包容性的学生群体,并且在“雇主活动”这一项的排名也位于全球前10名之内。  与其他澳大利亚的留学枢纽城市一样,悉尼得分最弱的一项就是“负担能力”,这是因为澳大利亚相对较高的学费和高额的生活费用。但是你也很容易明白,为什么这么多的国际学生能够想办法负担这笔费用,因为悉尼的教育和生活方式非常吸引他们,这也从一定程度上弥补了悉尼高昂的留学费用。  作为澳大利亚的金融和经济中心,悉尼凭借其海港、标志的歌剧院、城市里的大片绿地,并且无限接近海滩而闻名,这里不仅仅是澳大利亚最接近天堂的地方,在全世界范围内这里的美景都让你无法抗拒。不管在美世还是《经济学人》排行中,悉尼都是这个地球上的10个最宜居的城市之一。  悉尼目前有5所大学进入QS世界大学排名,其中悉尼大学和新南威尔士大学都位于全球前50名之内。  Melbourne  Having previously occupied second place in the QS Best Student Cities index, the 2017 edition sees Melbourne fall to fifth, largely due to lost ground in the Affordability category. Yet, it remains without doubt a highly attractive destination for international students, and – home to one of the world’s most diverse student communities – retains the index’s strongest score for Student Mix.  Seven universities in Melbourne are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, the highest-ranked of which is the University of Melbourne at 42nd in the world – second only to Australian National University on the Australian leaderboard.  Known as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne regularly tops lists of the world’s most livable cities, and is full of all the attractions that make the Australian lifestyle so appealing – including beautiful beaches, nightlife and a fair proportion of sunny days. The city’s cultural calendar is packed year-round – spanning arts, comedy, music, film, fashion, and a host of multicultural celebrations.  As well as boasting the highest score in the Student Mix category, Melbourne also scores particularly well for Desirability – reflecting both the overall quality of life in the city, and its status as an in-demand student destination. Like other Australian cities, it stumbles only when it comes to affordability, with both fees and living costs on the high side in global terms. But, for high standards of living and incredible natural surroundings, Melbourne remains a tough city to beat.  墨尔本  墨尔本在去年的QS最佳留学城市排名中占据了全球第2名的位置,但是在2017年最新发布的排名中,墨尔本下降到了第5位,排名的下降很大程度上是因为墨尔本在“负担能力”这一项上没有得到很好的分数。但是毫无疑问,墨尔本对于国际留学生来说仍然是非常有吸引力的地方——在“学生组合”这一项评分指标上,墨尔本仍然是得分最高的城市。  在2016-2017年QS世界大学排名中,墨尔本有7所大学进入排名,排名最高的大学是位于全球第42位的墨尔本大学——在澳大利亚大学排名中仅次于澳大利亚国立大学。  众所周知,墨尔本是澳大利亚的文化首都,墨尔本总是在世界上最宜居的城市排名中名列前茅,并且墨尔本到处都是让澳大利亚人的生活变得有吸引力的景点,包括美丽的海滩,夜生活,以及全年不少的阳光灿烂的日子。这座城市一年到头都有不同的文化活动——横跨艺术、喜剧、音乐、电影、时尚,以及主办了多元文化的庆祝活动。  墨尔本在最佳留学城市指数排名中的“学生组成”这一项的得分最高,同样在“合意性”这一项上得分也非常不错——这两项都是用于评价这座城市整体的生活质量,评分是根据每个城市的相对规模,以及每个城市的学生人口的多样性,还有社会包容和宽容性的水平,从而判断这座城市是否是学生们理想的目的地。  就像澳大利亚其他城市一样,唯一一个阻碍墨尔本排名往上走的因素就是“负担能力”,与全球其他城市相比,这里有相对较高的学费和高昂的生活成本。但是由于高质量的生活,以及难以置信的自然环境,墨尔本在最佳留学城市排名中的地位也很难被撼动。  Brisbane  With three major universities in a city of just over two million, this Australian metropolis has one of the highest student ratios of any entry in the QS Best Student Cities index – but it’s much more than just a student bubble.  An up-and-coming city that has seen rapid growth in recent years following the Australian ‘resources boom’, Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia and the largest economy between Sydney and Singapore. It’s also a popular tourist destination, due in part to its location by the Gold Coast, which features some of the world’s most famous beaches.  Like many Australian cities, Brisbane is a great setting for students seeking a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyles. Stunning beaches, a sunny climate and a sporting culture coexist with a cosmopolitan down-town area offering a trendy nightlife and arts scene.  This appealing environment is reflected in very high scores in the Student Mix and Desirability categories of the QS Best Student Cities index. On the other hand, as is the case for other Australian cities, high international tuition fees mean Brisbane has a relatively low score for Affordability.  In the survey used to compile this year’s results, students praised Brisbane for its laid-back feel, friendly people and convenient public transport system – with the weather conditions also attracting favorable reviews!  布里斯班  三所澳大利亚主要的大学都位于这个人口刚刚超过200万的城市,这个澳大利亚的大都市与其他在QS最佳留学城市排名的任何一个城市相比,有最高的学生比例之一——但它绝对不止是一个学生泡沫。  这是一个有前途的城市,跟随澳大利亚“资源繁荣”的热潮在近几年里得到了迅速发展,布里斯班在是澳大利亚第三大城市,也是悉尼和新加坡之间最大的经济体。布里斯班还是一个受欢迎的旅游目的地,由于其位于黄金海岸,还有一些世界上最著名的海滩。  像许多澳大利亚的城市一样,布里斯班对于那些寻求城市和户外生活之间平衡的学生来说是非常好的选择。景色迷人的海滩、阳光充足的气候和体育文化共存在这个世界性的大都市区里,这里还有时尚的夜生活和艺术氛围。  这种吸引人的环境也反映在布里斯班在“学生组成”和“合意性”这两项QS最佳留学城市的评分标准上也得到了很高的分数。另一方面,正如其他澳大利亚的城市一样,高昂的国际学费意味着布里斯班在“负担能力”上有相对较低的分数。  根据今年的调查结果显示,学生们称赞布里斯班有一种悠闲的感觉,这里还有友好的人民和方便的公共交通系统——此外这里的天气也获得了众多好评哦!  Perth  With an enviable lifestyle and globally esteemed universities, it’s little surprise that Perth has one of the world’s most internationally diverse student bodies, as well as a relatively high proportion of students among its overall population. Ranked 50th in the Best Student Cities 2017, Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and Australia’s fourth-largest city.  Lying way out on the western coast of the country – more than 2,000 miles from the likes of Sydney and Melbourne – Perth has also been described as one of the world’s most isolated cities. It’s a good job, then, that it is also one of the world’s most desirable places to live, getting high scores in the Desirability category of the index, as well as the Student Mix category.  Offering all the cultural, culinary and recreational attractions that you would expect of a state capital with a population of over two million, Perth also promises an idyllic climate and access to some of the most stunning beaches and parkland you will ever see.  The downside to Perth’s isolation comes in a lower score than other Australian cities for the Employer Activity category, perhaps reflecting the sheer distance that separates it from many of the country’s graduate recruiters. However, as a living environment in which to spend your student years, Perth takes some beating.  Three universities in Perth are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, the highest ranked of which is the University of Western Australia (UWA) at joint 102nd in the world.  Perth also achieved a top-50 score in our new Student View category, attracting praise from respondents to our student survey. One student summed up: “Perth is a beautiful, active city without being overcrowded or hectic. The people are very friendly.”  珀斯  凭借令人羡慕的生活方式和全球备受推崇的大学,珀斯拥有世界上最多元化的学生团体之一,以及学生在其总人口中所占比例相对较高这一点也就不足为奇了。在2017年最佳留学城市排名中,珀斯位于第50位,珀斯是西澳大利亚州的首府城市,并且也是澳大利亚的第四大城市。  这里远离澳大利亚的西部海岸——离悉尼和墨尔本这样的城市有超过2000英里的距离——珀斯也被描述成世界上最偏僻的城市之一。这是一个很好的工作,同时也是世界上最宜居的城市之一,在最佳留学城市排名的“合意性”和“学生组成”这两项上取得了高分。  这里有你在一个人口超过两百万的首府城市中所期待的各种文化、美食和娱乐景点,珀斯还有田园诗般的气候,以及一些你将看到的最令人惊叹的海滩和公园。  珀斯相对孤立的缺点就是,与澳大利亚其他城市相比,珀斯在“雇主活动”这一项上的得分较低,这也许反映了它与澳大利亚许多毕业生招聘人员之间的距离。但是,作为一个你将度过自己学生岁月的生活环境,珀斯绝对是有其长处的。  珀斯有三所大学进入了2016-2017年QS世界大学排名,排名最高的是西澳大学,位于并列第102位。  珀斯还在今年新纳入排名的“学生观点”类别中得分位于全球前50名之内,参与QS学生调查的受访者也对珀斯表示了好评。一位学生总结说:“珀斯是一个美丽并且充满活力的城市,这里不会过度拥挤或者繁忙。这里的人也很友善。”  Adelaide  Adelaide joins Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast as one of seven Australian entries in the QS Best Student Cities 2017 – reflecting the nation’s high quality of living, large and diverse student population and highly ranked universities.  Three universities based in Adelaide are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, all within the world’s top 600: the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University.  Australia’s fifth-largest city, Adelaide is located on the south coast, and is known for its attractive wide boulevards, open spaces, parklands and easily navigable city center. As well as being close to beautiful beaches and islands, the city is also within easy reach of the Adelaide Hills, great for hiking, cycling, wildlife-watching, or sampling some of Australia’s best wines close to the vineyards where they’re produced.  Back in town, there’s also plenty to explore, from watching a cricket match at the Adelaide Oval, to partying at one of the festivals hosted here each year (many during ‘Mad March’) – or simply enjoying the atmosphere at a café in one of the central squares.  阿德莱德  阿德莱德与墨尔本、悉尼、堪培拉、布里斯班、珀斯和黄金海岸一起是7个澳大利亚入围2017年QS最佳留学城市的代表——这也反映了澳大利亚高质量的生活、大量和多元化的学生人口以及高排名的大学。  3所位于阿德莱德的大学进入了2016-2017年QS世界大学排名,并且所有的3所大学都位于全球前600名之内:阿德莱德大学南澳大学以及弗林德斯大学。  阿德莱德是澳大利亚第五大的城市,位于南海岸,凭借其有吸引力的宽阔大道、开放空间、公园和方便便捷的城市中心而闻名。除了非常接近美丽的海滩和岛屿之外,从阿德莱德也非常容易到达阿德莱德山,这是一个徒步旅行、骑自行车、看野生动物,或者是你尝一尝一些澳大利亚最佳品质的葡萄酒的绝佳地方,这些葡萄酒都非常接近生产它们的葡萄园。  阿德莱德以其良好的治安秩序、完善的基础建设、先进的医疗水平、文化与环境及教育条件,连续多年位列全球最宜居城市榜单前十位。由于阿德莱德的城市设计非常好,从一开始就有多股道的大街,因此其道路交通始终比许多其他澳大利亚城市要好。历史上阿德莱德有“20分钟城”之称,因为车可以在20分钟内从市郊开到市中心。  Canberra  Like other Australian cities, capital Canberra scores very well in the Student Mix category of the QS Best Student Cities index, reflecting its large and internationally diverse student population. As the home of Australia’s highest-ranked university, Australian National University (ANU) – 22nd in the latest QS World University Rankings® – it’s unsurprising to find the city has proven attractive to students from around the world.  Canberra’s second strongest score is in the Desirability category, which draws on a range of sources to assess both actual quality of life and student demand. While it may be one of Australia’s few major settlements which is not within walking distance of the beach, Canberra nonetheless has plenty of natural attractions – including its own (man-made) lake right in the city center, and numerous nature reserves all around.  Respondents to the student survey used to compile this year’s edition of the index praised Canberra’s safe, relaxed and welcoming environment, while also highlighting opportunities for those interested in national politics and government. One commented, “Moving from Sydney where everything is so chaotic and work-focused, Canberra definitely has the balance of fun and work.”  堪培拉  像其他澳大利亚城市一样,首都堪培拉在最佳留学城市排名的“学生组合”这一项上得分很高,这也反映了其庞大并且国际多样化的学生人口。澳大利亚排名最高的大学也位于堪培拉,即在QS最佳留学城市排名中排名第22位的澳大利亚国立大学——发现这座城市对来自世界各地的学生都有吸引力也就不足为奇了。  堪培拉得分第二高的一项是“合意性”,这一项综合了一系列方面来评估实际的生活质量和学生的需求。虽然堪培拉可能是澳大利亚为数不多的海滩不在步行范围之内的主要城市之一,堪培拉仍有很多自然景点——包括它自己在在城市的中心的(人工)湖,和周围众多的自然保护区。  参与今年最佳留学城市排名调查的学生受访者称赞堪培拉的安全、轻松和友好的环境,同时还特别强调了对于那些对国家政治和政府感兴趣的人的机会。有评论说,“悉尼哪里都是混沌,并且以工作为重点的,堪培拉肯定有娱乐和工作的平衡”。  堪培拉坐落于格里芬湖岸边,是澳大利亚政府、国会及很多外国使馆的所在地。由于四周森林环绕、绿意盎然,且邻近自然秀丽的乡村,周围遍布着澳大利亚最引人入胜的乡村,令堪培拉成为优雅的现代化都市,更享有“天然首都”的美誉。堪培拉的确是个与众不同的城市,宽敞的规划街道,令人难忘的现代化建筑,以及自然环境的优势都是那么明显。  以上内容由出国留学网www.liuxue86.com独家翻译,版权归出国留学网所有,未经出国留学网授权许可,任何公司任何人不得转载,违者必追究法律责任! 本文来源:http://www.liuxue86.com/a/3344430.html
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