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  出国读研究生是当今社会环境下的一种学习趋势,越来越多的学生选择去国外读研究生,以掌握更加国际化的知识和技能,更好的完善自己。那么对于想要出国读研的学生来说,应该如何理性的选择自己的留学专业呢?下面和出国留学网一起来看看吧。   Making the decision to study for a master’s qualification – an MBA, MSc or MA – can be a challenging task. Questions that you often go through include:   Which school or university is the best?   Which specialization suits my needs?   What is the duration of the program?   How will the master’s qualification improve my career?   If you’re starting out on the journey towards finding the right master’s program, here are some stages to follow:   选择一个合适的硕士学历资格专业——工商管理学硕士、理学硕士或者是文学硕士——可能是一个极具挑战性的任务。通常,你需要思考以下一些问题:   哪一所学校是最好的?   什么样的专业方向是适合自己的需要的?   该专业的修读期限是多长时间?   该硕士学历资格是如何促进自己的职业发展的?   如果正在开始选择一个适合的硕士学位专业的话,可以遵循下面一些阶段来进行:   1. Choose a university   Choosing the right school or university for study is absolutely crucial. The reputation of the establishment, its links to the industry, its ranking and its overall standing, are some of the factors that you will need to consider. Every school will offer the best they have to attract and enrol students. What is crucial from a student perspective is to see the reputation of such establishments both in terms of the academic sector, and the industry you want to work in. Try to find a school that the industry recognises as a place that maintains both quality and consistency of academic provision.   1、选择一所大学   选择一所合适的大学绝对是相当重要的。该学校建立的声誉、与工厂的联系、它的排名以及总体的地位,都是你需要考虑的因素。每一所学校都会提供其最好的东西来吸引留学生。站在学生的角度来看,更为重要的是了解该学校在学术方面、以及你想要工作的行业方面建立的声誉。建议学生尽量选择一个行业认可的能够保持质量和学术准备一致性的学校。   2. Decide on a specialization   As well as considering the school as a whole, you also need to choose a specialization for your master’s program. If you want to study a master’s in management, for example, which part of management are you really interested in? Is it finance? Marketing? Leadership? Entrepreneurship? Your choice of specialization should be based on the interest you have in a field of study. Having a passion for a subject will help you study it better, manage time pressures during the period of the course, and help you succeed in that area.   Another element to consider is whether the curriculum has an international or global edge. For example, in the Les Roches MBA program we have introduced a two-week study trip to Chicago as a way to enhance the international skills of our students. During the trip students will visit different organizations, spending time with their management team, and then return to the classroom to reflect on how practice fits theory and vice versa. In last trip in July 2015, we visited 14 different organizations and discussed strategies with their executive teams.   2、决定专业学习方向   除了整体的考虑该学校之外,你还需要为你的硕士学位专业选择一个学习方向。例如,如果你想要学习管理学硕士专业的话,那么你对于哪一个部分的管理更加的感兴趣呢?是金融、市场营销、还是领导力、或者创业?你的专业方向的选择应该基于你感兴趣的学习领域。对于某一学科的兴趣和热情将会帮助你更好的进行该专业的学习、在专业修读期间缓解时间压力、并且帮助你获得该领域的成功。   另外一个需要考虑的因素是该专业课程是否有国际或者全球优势。例如,理诺士酒店管理大学的工商管理学硕士专业有一个为期两个星期的芝加哥学习之旅,以此来增加学生的国际技能。在学习旅程中,学生将会访问不同的组织,与管理团队一起度过时间,然后他们会回到课堂,来反应出实践是怎么样适合理论,而理论又是如何指导实践的。在2015年7月份的最近一次学习之旅中,我们访问了14个不同的组织,并且与他们的管理团队讨论了策略。   3. Consider the length of the program   Another important factor is the duration of the master’s program. There are programs that can run for six months or a year, 15 months or even a two-year period. The duration very much depends on the school’s accreditation. On average, for different master’s programs the minimum time is around a year or 14 months if they have a dissertation component. Choosing a master’s program under a year in length runs the risk that it will not be recognized or respected.   3、考虑专业的修读时间长短   另外一个值得考虑的重要因素就是该硕士学位专业修读时间的长短。硕士学位专业通常是持续6个月、一年、15个月或者是两年时间。修读时间很大程度上是由学校本身决定的。平均来看,对于不同的硕士学位专业,最短的时间大约是一年或者14个月,如果有学位论文部分的话。选择一个修读时间少于1年的硕士学位专业需要承担可能不会被认可的风险。   4. Investigate the curriculum   Once you have made a decision about the program you want to study, get in touch with the school and speak to the course manager of the program. Take the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the subjects covered, assessment strategies, and the logic behind the curriculum offered. This will give you the information you need to confidently make your choice.   4、调查课程结构   一旦你确定了自己想要学习的专业,请与学校取得联系,并且向该课程的管理者了解更多详细的有关信息。如果你对于这个专业有任何的疑问的话,请抓住这个机会进行询问。这将会提供给你所需要的信息,让你更加自信的做出专业选择。   5. Think about your career prospects   Having a master’s qualification will help you enter the employment market on a different footing. In these days there is increased graduate competition, and you need to be persistent, choose the right company and prepare to be humble at the start of your career. A lot of students want to immediately enter their dream job. That can, of course, happen depending very much on the skillset you have, the leadership style that you implement and the knowledge you have gained. However, getting your dream job also depends on your ability to communicate, as well as the reputation of the school or program you have studied.   In sum, choosing a master’s program is one of the most crucial choices that you have to make. When making your decision, try to choose a school which is global, has a sound reputation in your industry, offers a wide range of subjects within its curriculum, and also shows a student-friendly leadership style.   5、思考你的职业发展前景   获得一个硕士学历资格将会帮助你以一个不同的起点进入雇佣市场。近来,毕业生竞争压力不断增加,你需要坚持选择正确的公司,并且在职业生涯开始的时候保持谦逊的态度。很多的学生毕业之后,迫不及待的想要开始自己梦想的工作。当然,这是可能的,但是很大程度上将取决于你所拥有的技能、你施行的领导方式以及你已经获得的知识。但是,获得你梦想的工作也会受到你的交际能力、以及你的学校或者所学专业的声誉的影响。   总而言之,选择一个硕士学位专业是你做出的最重要的一个选择。在选择的时候,请尽量选择全球化的、在你的行业有较高声誉的、能够提供广泛的学科课程选择的、并且属于学生友好型领导方式的学校。   推荐阅读   哪些国家留学免费   为什么选择出国留学   出国留学怎样转专业   以上内容由出国留学网www.liuxue86.com独家翻译,版权归出国留学网所有,未经出国留学网授权许可,任何公司任何人不得复制和转载,违者必追究法律责任!!! 本文来源:http://www.liuxue86.com/a/3095990.html 亲,点击此处在线申请留学咨询服务和报名评估!我们将竭诚提供最佳评估服务!
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